cool friends

i have had the pleasure of interacting with some amazing people who have helped me in my development journey - here are a few of em :)
  • Alistair Smith - Introduced me to the world of TypeScript & been patient with teaching me code
  • Bereket Semagn - Uber talented kid and a good friend (he also bought me this domain!)
  • Conrad Crawford - Talented developer & friend who helped with the site
  • Mustafa Mohamed - Amazing friend and developer, does backend for
  • Matt Baker - Good friend & developer working on some super cool projects
  • Ian Mitchell - Discord engineer and great friend - always pushes me to write better code
  • Leah Lundqvist - Amazing developer, friend and hyperpoper working on some super great projects
  • Bella Fusari - Insanely talented developer
  • 23Aaron - One of my best friends and leader of some great projects
  • ven - Long time friend and amazing developer, who provided me much of the code for this site :)